Wipes Dispenser

Single sheet dispensing.
L 9″ x W 9.5″ x H 14.5″
Compatible with paper towels.

Sanitizing Wipes

Kills 99.9% germs in 1 minute.
1500 wipes per roll/2 per case.
Fragrance and alcohol free.

Hand Sanitizer

Complies with Health Canada &
WHO Standards. 70% Ethanol
Glycerol & Hydrogen Peroxide.


* Stand (optional)

Touchless, battery operated.
L 5″ x W 4.5″ x H 10.25″
Refillable, 1000 ml capacity.

Acrylic Barrier

Freestanding and interlocking.
W 31.5” x H 31.5” x D 6”
Easy to assemble and clean.

Face Shields

Anti-fog and washable.
Foam forehead strip.
Universal sizing.

Disposable Masks

CE and GB2626-2006 certified.
CE and GB32610-2016 certified.
* These masks are not for medical surgery